Crystal Glow

Crystal Glow is a cosmic frequency field design of Siem in scapes from
Symphopercussion & Flugelhorn.

This project is working in frequency inside, where you are experience a very deep home feeling.

Siem Ranoesetiko Symphopercussion

Siem is working in this frequency from his age of 5. With his professional spontane force, free and creative soul. He works now in 10 years with great musicians together like Ton Snijders, Atzko Kohazhi, Jyoti Verhoeff , Ute Kreidler, Jacqueline van Koolwijk, Nicole Schmaloer, Fraukje Weishaupt, Renske Beguin, Inez Vermooten, Isabelle Dosne, Mami Kamezaki, Norma Brooks, Aura Bouw, Mike del Ferro, Emiel Scholsberg en Eddy Koopman, where he together worked in studio’s, stages and churches.

Alida Holwerda Flugelhorn

Alida is a bugeliste, studies bugel and orkestdirector in conservatorium Alkmaar, she was concertmaster at Noordhollands Fanfare Orkest, and directed for years many orkests in Noord-Holland. She started a holistic centre, Wakker bewust zijn in Alkmaar, and gives individuele sessies, workshops and training with source; conciousness being and consciousness science.

In a view years she made a new direction with her instrument. A free expressie of making music, not related to composities or cords. That gives the posibility to a spontane in moment atmosphere in tune and emotion.